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The Three Top Firearms for Concealed and Open Carry

Posted by Jonathan on

Granted we are not Firearms experts, we are Holster experts. From our experience in holster manufacturing, and leaning heavily on the sales statistics and our website analytics this is a list of the top 3 firearm models.

Micro Compacts to Full size firearms, we can make IWB and OWB Hybrid holsters for them all. The firearm plays a huge role into how small or big your holster will ultimately be. It can be quite a challenge to Conceal Carry for instance the FN Five-Seven for most people, but some very determined people have done it. We have made a lot of holsters for this firearm, but you need to make sure it is for you before making your purchase. The average Carrier is going to be much happier with one of the following firearms, or something very similar.

 Find your holster before buying your carry firearm. Not every one is going to be able to accommodate your firearm. At we can accommodate hundreds of firearms and for both left and right handed people. However, you may find that you found a great deal on a Ruger P94 at the gun show, but then you go out to look for a holster so you can carry it. Well, it is going to be difficult and you will most likely end up buying a generic style instead of custom molded holster. This is even more true for Wildcatt/start-up gun manufacturers. 

  1911 comes in third. Starting at the bottom of the list is the historical favorite full size. Its ergonomical features are attractive to a lot of people, and you often hear, "It just fits my hand". Its full length barrel provides a long sight radius making it an accurate firearm. The design is very sleek and slim and has no snag points meaning holstering and drawing the firearm is going to be smooth. Plus it's a 45!

Glock 19 comes in second. Remember the line from Die Hard about how Airport X-rays can't detect a Glock because it is not made of metal? Well, this Glock is not that high tech! This firearm features a compact polymer frame which serves the purpose of lightening the over all weight and allowing you to carry it more comfortably. It has a double stack magazine which has a higher round capacity. Because no one ever said, "I wish I had less ammo during that self defense situation". Finally, there are many lights and lasers available for this firearm and most accessories will not reduce your options for holsters. offers a multitude of laser and light options on all of our holsters, but Glock definitely has the most options.

 Smith and Wesson Shield comes in first and While there are several other pistols that are similar to the shield, and are great for carrying (like the Walther PPS and Springfield XDS) , the shield definitely wins out as far as our sales analytics show. It's Sub-compact design is tailor made for concealed carry. It's slim and short pistol design is meant to help prevent printing, but you can get a full length grip with the option for an extended mag. This firearm definitely shines when it comes to what works for both women and men. It is available in 9mm, 40 cal and 45 auto. The Shield 45 will not work in the same holster as the 9 and 40 so keep that in mind before purchasing your holster; make sure you chose the right holster options. Finally, the shield is inexpensive as well as reliable. It can be found on sale often for around $380 and does not have a reputation for jams or misfires.

 Police, Fire and Military discounts are available on Osborn Holsters. So, if you are in the market for a firearm, then come back to us for the most comfortable holster to carry it in. All Pistol holsters can be made for both left and right handed folks. We can accommodate a multitude of lasers and lights as well. Be sure to look for the next blog where we talk about the best Lasers and lights for concealed and open carry. Message us on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Plus with any comments or questions and please give us a like and follow.