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The Hype over Hybrid Holsters

Posted by Brittany on

You get the best of both worlds when you combine our quality leather and thick Boltaron (Kydex). Both leather and Boltaron by themselves have pluses and minuses when it comes to conceal or open carry of a pistol. Here are a few of the benefits of choosing a Hybrid style Osborn Holster, and how we combine the two materials to keep the good and ditch the bad.

 Quality 8-10 ounce cowhide offers the comfort you need and has the ability to conform to your body. Available in three leather options, you can choose natural, un-dyed leather, Brown drum dyed leather and finally Black drum dyed leather. Leather feels nicer on your body than plastic, right? Leather also breaks in over time and loses some stiffness. We use leather for the comfort and conformity, but we get our retention from a material that will always remain ridged.

Boltaron thickness is really important to have on a quality holster. You cannot go wrong with .080 in thickness which really helps in making the holster solid. The shell is cut to match the curves of the leather, making it even more comfortable to wear on your belt. The most important thing however is that it provides retention. Unlike leather alone that breaks in and loosens, Boltaron will never lose it's retention. The real comfort comes in design, however.

Petite to Plus size people wear our holsters and love them. An all Kydex holster can be extremely bulky, printing is inevitable and very irritating to the skin. With an all leather holster, not only are they the most expensive holsters in the market, but they will lose their retention and you will soon find yourself needing a new holster rather quickly.

Choose Comfortable, Conforming Hybrid Holsters as your EDC and you will see why they are the most popular gun holsters in America. As you can see, Osborn Holsters provide comfort that gets better over time with a conforming, weight bearing, protective leather backing as well as a life time of retention with the hardy Boltaron shell. To back up those claims we offer a lifetime defects warranty. In case your still not convinced, then you can try it out with our 60 day (from date of purchase) money back guarantee!

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