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Purse Carry is Dangerous

Posted by Clone on

A regular trip to the local grocery store took a turn for the worst. 

     On a regular trip to the grocery store, my father and stepmom, walked side by side talking on their way into the store. Without them noticing it's very close approach, a car drove right up next to my stepmom. The passenger reached out of the car, snatched the strap of my stepmom's purse, jerking her to the ground and  the car drove away with their prize. The criminals never had to exit their car, and it happened in a flash. They had escaped the parking lot before she could even be collected from the ground.

Imagine if she had a firearm in this purse.

     At this point these criminals have a head start, her cash, credit cards, wallet, license, home address, house keys, and if the purse had contained a firearm, then they would have that too. How easy at this point would it be to drive to the address on the license. They could assume that no one was home, and enter the home with that firearm. At the time I was 17 and home alone. No police stopped by the home during this incident to well check. It didn't cross anyone's mind that the criminals immediately targeting the home could be a possibility. Luckily, the criminals simply took the cash and tossed the purse out of the window only blocks away. Also, my stepmother did not carry a firearm in her purse.

Some thoughts on carrying a purse.

     Even if you are not purse carrying a firearm, consider positioning your purse to the inside, between you and your significant other, friend, or family member. If you are walking alone then try to position it on the same side as a wall, or just the best you can away from a travel lane. This makes your purse a harder target for thieves. If you do choose to carry a firearm inside your purse, consider placing the strap over your head and across the body. However, always remain aware of your surroundings, firearm or no firearm. Making your purse a harder target does not mean you are exempt from attack. Predators are always on the lookout, watching for that person with their eyes buried in a phone, that they can catch off guard. Situational Awareness is Key

The lessons I hope to convey through this story are two fold. First, your purse is a target for thieves. Think about how you are positioning your purse, and your body to help deter an attack. Just as important, Keep your eyes up, and scan your surroundings. Second, carrying your concealed firearm in your purse isn't nearly as secure as on your person. There are many options, and if you take the time to explore your options you can find a comfortable and concealed Gun Holster that works for you. Osborn Holsters custom molds and Hand Crafts every single holster. Osborn Holsters offer many options for adjusting carry depth and canter, making them the ideal Gun Holster for both men and women.