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5 Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas for the “Man’s Man” in your Life

Posted by Jonathan on

‘Tis the season of trying to figure out what the heck to buy for your significant other. Well, if that person just so happens to be defined as a “Man’s Man,” then this list should help!

Now you might ask, “What constitutes a Man’s Man?” If you read the New York Times article 27 Ways to be a Modern Man and you found that it in any way described your husband, then exit this article immediately and find a list titled “Top 5 Gifts for a Woman.” If your man aligns, however, with Mike Rowe’s rebuttal to the “Modern Man,” then with great assuredness…READ ON!

Gift One: Osborn Holster’s Two Holster Combos start out at $74.99

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The Hallmark of a Man’s Man is a desire to protect his loved ones. Often times, this is effectively accomplished—at least in part—with the responsible carry of a handgun for self-defense. Whether concealed or open carry, an affordable, functional, well-fitting, and quality holster is paramount on the list of Every Day Carry items (EDC). Purchasing the right holster means your Man’s Man can carry his handgun safely and comfortably every single day.

Buying Tip: You will need to know the make and model of the handgun he carries before shopping. If he wears his handgun right next to his belt buckle, then look at the Supermini Appendix IWB Holster. If he wears his handgun anywhere on the side of his hip, then you will most likely want to look at the TacticalTuck IWB. More options are available at Osborn Holsters, and the customer service is excellentif you find yourself in need of help.

Gift Two: Gerber STL 2.5 Plain Edge Drop Point Pocket Knife | $11+


A Man’s Man carries a pocket knife. I, a self-proclaimed Man’s Man, received this very pocket knife as a Christmas gift from my oldest brother, who I attest is also a Man’s Man, nearly a decade ago. I must confess I just lost mine three days ago. (Long story and I may cry if asked to tell it, so don’t ask.) That being said, it did not break or malfunction in any way and was a sturdy knife to the last day. For these reasons, this knife is once again on my personal wish list. This pocket knife is a perfect fit inside the pocket, is not bulky by any standards, and is only about three inches in total length when folded. Although small, the blade is more than a pin knife. Just sturdy enough that I could trust it to do non-standard jobs like tightening a screw or prying something back. The blade holds an edge well, and securely locks out as well as folds away inside the handle.

Buying Tip: Get it at Walmart’s sporting counter. I have seen it for around $12 there. On the other hand, it sells for over $20 via online stores.

Gift Three: Merino Wool Socks | $25+

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Socks? That’s a joke, right? Not as long as you follow directions and purchase Merino Wool socks. Not Cotton socks. Not Wool socks. Merino Wool Socks. Merino is not a brand, it is a particular breed of sheep. Merino wool not only exhibits moisture-wicking properties, it also regulates body temperature and provides comfortable, breathable warmth in spite of some of the coldest temperatures. Merino wool contains pockets of air trapped inside of the fiber, and the scales of each hair follicle are tighter and smoother than other fabric strands. This allows the wool to be much smoother and warmer even if it does get soaked. Merino is capable of absorbing one-third its weight in water while still retaining superior warmth. Best of all Merino wool contains Lanolin, which has antibacterial properties. That means controlled body odor, which is especially important for feet. All of these benefits make Merino Wool Socks (or any other Merino wool base layer, for that matter) a welcome Christmas present for any Man’s Man, whatever his activity of choice. Hunting, backpacking, skiing, or climbing to a mountaintop to exclaim his love for you—these sock will be appreciated.

Buying Tip: His foot size is large. Just like every other Man’s Man, trust me. Socks truly are one size fits all. Buy at least four pairs, because he doesn’t want to do a load of laundry while packing for his excursion, just so that his favorite two pairs of socks are clean. If they cost less than $25 for 2 pairs, then double check to see if they are a blend. Don’t buy a blend, it is pointless. Go with 100% Merino and pay more.

Gift Four: Baseball Gloves (Plural on Purpose) | $50+ea

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A Man’s Man finds no more joy than in doing things with his family. Men love doing things; it means they’re getting something done. In this case, a couple of baseball gloves will facilitate the creation of strong father-son/daughter bonds and deeply seed cherished memories in their minds. So, if your Man’s Man does not currently have a glove, or if his is just flat worn out, then this is a perfect gift. As alluded to in the gift title, don’t get just one! Buy him one and another for a significant other. The “other” could be his son, daughter, a nephew, or yourself. Better yet, how about all of the above for a circle session of catch? This just make sense, as he surely won’t throw the ball straight up in the air to himself; he will want someone to play catch with, and preferably, to teach.

Buying Tip: Gloves can cost $200 or more, but unless he is a professional, then there is no need for that. Get a $50 or so glove. In baseball, the glove is worn on the non-dominant hand. If he is right handed, then he will wear his glove on his left hand so that his right hand is free to throw the ball. Be sure to buy a fielder’s glove, and not a catcher’s mitt. Ask the store if that makes no sense. Finally, don’t forget a ball. Gloves are no good without the ball to throw and catch.

Gift Five: Coat of Arms | Free to $300+

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Why is this a good gift idea? A Man’s Man takes pride in his name. It is standard in our society for a man’s last name to be taken by his wife, and for centuries—even millennia—men have hoped for a son so that their surname carries on to future generations. Pride in our surname has been engrained in us from the time of our youth; we’re tasked with keeping our name synonymous with honesty, dependability, and accomplishment. Not only to make our forefathers proud, but also to keep our children’s future reputations secure. So be assured that a coat of arms printed and framed will spark pride in his eyes.

Buying Tip: As defined by Wikipedia, “Acoat of armsis a uniqueheraldicdesign on anescutcheon(i.e.shield),surcoat, ortabard.” You can either do the necessary research and acquire one yourself, or go through an ancestry look-up service. Some names are easier to find than others, and if spending large sums of money or long hours behind a computer strikes fear in your heart, then feel free to create a Coat of Arms yourself. However, do put in enough work to be at least partially accurate—that is, to use likely-accurate symbols as pertaining to your family surname. Feel free to have both his surname and your maiden name on the coat of arms; this is not in any way a faux pas and will be met with approval. Finally, every man has somewhere to display his coat of arms. An office, desk, entryway, or the mantel is a likely place. Make your gift appropriate in size and frame it to fit the most likely display location. If he’ll be hanging it above the mantle, go big— very big. If he’s more likely to place it on his desk, then keep the size around 10 x 8 inches.

Go forth then with your new-found knowledge of last-minute gifts fit for a Man’s Man, and buy with confidence. The only thing you will have to worry about is getting the perfect picture of his ear-to-ear grin after he opens the wrapping paper. Have an idea for the perfect Man’s Man gift? Comment and let me know, so it can make next year’s list. Offended by the idea of gifts for a Man’s Man? Then you probably should have stopped reading mid-way through the introduction.