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Holsters for Hundreds of Handguns

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At, we can do Gun Holsters for Hundreds of Hand Guns, Revolvers, Micro to Fullsize, and even some Models that are no longer in production. There are very few that we cannot do. Once you have selected your holsters, then we have a simple drop down, easy to navigate, firearms list. Can we make a Holster for your Handgun?

Firearms can share one Gun holster, in a few cases. If you are someone who for instance, has the Glock 19, 23 or 32, all of these firearms can fit in the same Gun Holster. The shield 9 and 40 will also work in one Gun Holster but the .45 caliber version will not work and will need its own shell and custom leather backing. The firearms have to have identical, or very close to identical frames. Another example, the Sig P320 and the Sig P250 will both fit the same holster.

Custom Leather Backings are key to absolute Comfort. So what prevents you from using one holster for multiple firearms. The simple answer is the shells are molded to specifically fit the firearm chosen during the order process. However, we also cut the leather backing to fit each firearm perfectly. This minimalist approach is taken to make a comfortable holster that does not have more material than it has to. 

If you have visited our website and did not find your firearm, please message us on Facebook, call or email us at

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