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About Us

“Christ. Customers. Concealed Carry.” 


It started with a handgun. Specifically, a Star Firestar Plus that was given to our owner, Jonathan Osborn, by his uncle, Keith. Prayer had lead Keith to give this handgun to his nephew, and at the time he had no idea why. There was just one problem: Jonathan couldn’t find a holster to fit the weapon—or at least not one that included all of the design features and functionality he was looking for. Out of necessity, he developed a design, gathered materials, and created a holster from his own home all while running a popular shaved Ice stand with his wife Brittany. The unique design quickly caught the attention of others looking for a better concealed carry solution, and Osborn Holsters was born. Since then, the shaved ice stand was sold to a great family and Osborn Holsters is providing holsters to 2nd Amendment supporters across America.


While officially launched in July of 2013, we began producing quality holsters for local friends and family in 2011. A small, family-owned company with Big Business practices and policies, we’re proud to be considered a “Goldilocks” in the holster industry. We put Christ first, value our customers, and are committed to offering the best in concealed carry to the consumer market.

Our company has earned the trust of customers through attention to detail and superior customer service, and we’re known for producing excellent, comfortable, quality holsters for handguns. We believe in handcrafting rather than mass production, which means that when you purchase a holster from Osborn Holsters, you’re supporting our family and our employees’ families—American families who in turn support other local businesses, and keep your dollars right here in our local economy. Our goal is not to make each step of our manufacturing process “scalable”—we take pride in our hands-on approach to even the smallest details of production, from hammering eyelets to securing belt clips. We provide individual, focused attention to each customer who contacts us. We handcraft every holster to perfectly fit the exact model of handgun carried by consumers. Most of all, should any of our customers experience any difficulty with our products, it’s our aim to not only “make things right,” but to actually make things better.


We entered the market with a unique hybrid holster design that allows each user to customize the way they carry—by mounting our Kydex with spacers and screws, our customers can determine the cant and retention level that’s right for them. We also mold our Kydex to stop just above the gun sights, creating a natural channel for sights to travel through. Product innovation continues to be a part of the “fabric” of our company today; we consider it as essential as Kydex and leather.

We’re also committed to going above and beyond when it comes to quality. Our holsters are made in Texas with attention to detail—for example, we reinforce the belt clip attachment holes on our holsters with eyelets to prevent wear and tear over time. Although we’re a family-owned company, Osborn Holsters fits right into the industry with our superior product warranty. We offer a 60-day limited money back guarantee and a lifetime defects warranty. We’re proud of the fact that Osborn Holsters leads the hybrid holster industry with an average lead time of 5-10 business days (we produce our holsters even faster in many cases, but more obscure firearms can take up to 15 days).

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