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  • TacticalRig and SuperMini in Natural Leather
  • TacticalRig Drum Dyed Brown
  • TacticalRig Drum Dyed Black
  • SuperMini Drum Dyed Brown
  • SuperMini Drum Dyed Black
  • Reload the extra mag with a simple cross draw.
  • SuperMini is designed for appendix, but is often used a a holster that is quick to put on and take off for convenience.
  • Hip carry is the typical position IWB for the TacticalRig
  • Appendix carry with the SuperMini is just next to the belt buckle.
  • Glock holster with an extra mag. Brown leather.
  • Custom cut leather to fit your gun perfectly.
  • Engraved holster. The prayer is an engraving written by our team here at Osborn Holsters to be a blessing over you and your firearm.

2 Holster Combo TacticalRig IWB + Mag & SuperMini Appendix

1.00 LBS
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TacticalRig Rail Mounted Laser & Light Options:
* SuperMini Hand:
* SuperMini Firearm:
SuperMini Rail Mounted Laser & Light Options:

Product Description

The TacticalRig was designed to be worn Inside the Waistband with the firearm at approximately the 4 o’clock position, leaving the extra magazine to set at the 3 o’clock position. (For right hand choice—mirror for left hand choice.)

The Osborn Holsters SuperMini Appendix leather and Kydex hybrid holster for Inside the Waistband concealed carry. The SuperMini is a minimalist holster designed for appendix carry, although it is comfortably carried by customers at all positions Inside the Waistband. The standard carry position for an appendix holster is just to the right of the belt buckle Inside the Waistband, allowing for easy access to the firearm when sitting. For this reason—and because our SuperMini Appendix IWB can be worn with a tucked-in shirt—many “desk job” professionals prefer this method of carry. A very minimalistic design is ideal for appendix CCW carry. Our trim design and custom cutting and molding process ensure that your holster is as small and unobtrusive as possible. Osborn Holsters' SuperMini is the perfect fit for Appendix IWB.


With all of our holsters you get:

  • Quality Products: Osborn Holsters creates high-quality products priced at a great value with an expected lead time of 5-15 business days.

  • Adjustable Retention: A Kydex cup mounted with rubber spacers allows you to choose the level of retention that’s right for you.

  • Adjustable Cant and Ride Height: Different locations for each clip on your holster allows you to customize your carry. Adjust to find the depth and cant configuration that’s right for you.

  • All Steel Black Oxide Hardware: We utilize high-quality clips that won’t wear out, and strong threads that won't easily strip out from over-tightening.

  • Custom-Molded Kydex: All of our holsters are handmade to fit the exact model of the firearm you carry. This ensures a perfect fit and ideal retention.

  • High-Quality, Comfortable Leather: Gun leather backing is cut to fit the exact model of your handgun.

  • Trim, Minimalist Design: There is no more—and no less—gun leather on your holster than what is needed to provide an unobtrusive, comfortable carry. Other companies advertise the ability to swap out Kydex shells, resulting in a CCW holster that is made to “kind of fit” multiple guns, but doesn't truly fit one gun. By contrast, our custom cutting and molding process ensures a perfect fit.

  • Tuckable Design: The tuckable design of an Osborn Holster allows you to tuck in your shirt, leaving just 2 inconspicuous black clips showing. One clip can easily be covered up with a belt-carry phone case.

  • Handcrafted in the USA from American-Made Materials: We may have Texas Pride, but we are even more proud to be an American company. Osborn Holsters provides jobs for Americans, and keeps your dollars right here in the American economy.


  • Engraving Options: The prayer is meant as a blessing over you and your firearm, and it is completely optional. USA Flag engraving is also an option that is very attractive and patriotic. Engravings are directly onto the front side of the leather and will be partially covered by features of the holster. The prayer is not intended to be seen easily, but to act as a prayer that stays with you all day.





 Adjustable depth of carry



Adjustable cant  

Product Videos

Discount available for the Best Gun Holsters 00:11

A 15% discount is available for law enforcement, fire & Military. Please email us at for the discount code or message us on FB or Instagram. We Appreciate you!

  • Discount avail...
    A 15% discount is available for law enforcement, fire & Milita...

Warranty Information


60 day money back guarantee with return of product in good condition, with all original paperwork and hardware. 10% penalty will be assessed for incomplete returns. Return payment can be expected within 30 days of return of product. Lifetime defects warranty. Shipping not refundable.

Replacement or repair is limited to Osborn Holsters discretion. Warranty does not extend to freight damages or misuse

Osborn Holster
116 N College St
Suite B
Waxahachie, TX 75165

Product Reviews

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  1. Almost Perfect 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Dec 2019

    The craftsmanship on this is outstanding but there are some issues I have with it which I would classify as more of a personal preference issue:
    Great Craftsmanship. Great fit. Easy draw/holster once broken in. Comfortable once broken in. Sturdy grabby clips. Thicker Kydex than other hybrid holsters.
    After only 3 days of wear, all the screws starting coming loose. Recommend applying locktite if you buy this.
    Uses a single screw clip system so the metal clips can rotate off the edge of the leather and dig into your sides.
    The Kydex covers too much of the firearm and the leather covers just a little too much. Makes getting a good grip a little difficult. I would prefer the Kydex to stop at the pant line.
    The cant of the firearm is a little shallow which makes concealment a little more difficult.

    It seems like a lot of cons but the craftsmanship of this holster outweighs most of cons.

  2. great product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Sep 2018

    Great product. Great customer service. Will definitely be a return costumer

  3. awesome value 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Mar 2018


  4. Good, solid, durable 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Dec 2016

    Was as advertised.
    Good hold on gun when running around all day.
    Had to set proper tension on the small holster, but that's all part of each persons preference.

    Will be buying more

  5. tactical rig 3 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Nov 2016

    The tactical rig iwb is difficult to upholstery my p226 with tlr1. Was forced loosen setting screws dramatically and unable to wear directly on my hip, causes too much pressure to draw effectively. Consequently I screw feel out and lost the oring spacers. Will buy new screw locally and loctite all once have it tuned as best as possible. Appendix iwb for sig 224 works great, along with magazine draw on my tactical rig iwb

  6. Great Holster 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Oct 2016

    I went to a leather shop to get fitted for a gun belt and the person working there was very impressed with the quality of the holster. He talked more about my holster then his leather produces.

  7. Great price, Excellent quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Aug 2016

    Great combo package and a high quality product. Materials and workmanship is top quality. IWB with mag pouch is very comfortable, and convenient. Good layout design, no metal against skin and muzzle is covered.

  8. I finally found it! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Aug 2016

    I've been on the search for a good IWB holster that will accommodate a weapon light on a compact M&P for a few years now and Osborn Holsters makes whatever it is you need with whatever light you have! Genius! I'm used to carrying with a Galco kingtuk or crossbreed of the same style but always felt useless at night without the weapon light. Easily just as comfortable as either of the previous mentioned holsters. I got the appendix holster although I'm using it in the 3:30-4:00 position just because it's a bit smaller and still very comfortable (that and for some reason I just can't pull off the appendix position). And I also got the tactical rig (with spare mag holder). I must say it is comfortable but does get a bit cumbersome when sitting in a car for a while (some trimming may be needed). The only thing I like more about the Galco/crossbreed is the "combat cut" to allow a higher grip on the gun right from the holster. I have a hard time getting a perfect grip without that material removed in that area! I would also like to see on the appendix holster a second (curved for cant adjustment) hole in the clip and a second nut/ screw to keep it from swiveling around, I find I need to tighten that screw almost everyday. If it wasn't for these few small things this would be a 5 star review! Very comfortable, any option you can think of, and a great price with a quick turnaround time!

  9. American Made! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Jun 2016

    Orderded for Springfield XDs 9mm 4.0. I ordered the mini appendix and tactical rig. Fits like a glove. Incredibly comfortable and well made.

    Only issue was some scuffs on a section of the back of the tactical rig but is merely surface issues. Contacted customer service and were willing to replace for free under their lifetime warranty if I chose to do so now. However I kept it and if it ever becomes an issue I was told to send it back. Amazing service.

    Ordered it on a Thursday and received a week later! Wow.

    Buy from these guys. It's a personal customer to company relationship. Customer service ended all messages with "God Bless". It truly gets no better than that! Highly recommended to my family and friends.

  10. So glad I found Osborn... 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Jun 2016

    I had purchased a new pistol in January (Sig P320 Carry) and immediately ordered a hybrid holster for it from another manufacturer with whom I had experience. However, this pistol has an accessory rail and I had purchased a light/laser unit for it. Initially, I was unable to find a hybrid holster that would accommodate the pistol with the light mounted. Then I saw a web ad for Osborn that looked promising. Sure enough, they listed my pistol/light combination as available. I really only needed an IWB holster, but decided to order the discounted 2 Holster Combo with the TacticalRig (IWB + mag holder) and the SuperMini Appendix.

    Osborn Holsters kept me well informed on the progress of my order and it arrived quickly (in a couple of weeks or so). Both holsters were of high quality and without any discrepancies. They both properly fit my pistol/light combination.

    I had been somewhat concerned that moving from an IWB holster to a larger one with an attached (double stack) mag pouch would cause my pants/belt to fit too tightly, but it made surprisingly little difference. While I ideally would prefer to wear my spare mag on the offside, the practicality of having it mounted IWB on my tuckable holster has won me over. I'm very pleased with the TacticalRig and have worn it about 18 hours a day since it arrived. I didn't find it necessary to suffer through a "break-in" period, either.

    I was a little less than satisfied with the large spring steel clips that were mounted on the TacticalRig, so I immediately swapped them out for a couple of plastic clips from another manufacturer. I used a "D" clip in the rear and a "J" clip in front. I've found this arrangement to be plenty secure under my extra heavy gun belt and it makes the holster easier to don and slightly less noticeable.

    The SuperMini Appendix, with my large pistol/light rig, doesn't work well for me and my style of dressing, but this is no fault of the holster itself. It holds the gun/light securely and I do find it useful for attaching inside a briefcase or gym bag. (I've retained the original strong spring steel clip on this holster.)

    I was originally going to rate this item as "4 stars" due to my personal disappointment with the steel clips. However, I decided that wasn't really fair and so rated it "5 stars", as my true rating would be 4 1/2 or higher. Thanks to Osborn for a great product and excellent service.

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