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Why the wait?

Posted by Jonathan Osborn on

The holster industry is packed with competition. Overwhelmingly so, but the industry is not flooded with good customer service. Many companies have good people, friendly service, and great warranties, but why the wait? 

In my opinion there is no excuse for the ridiculous lead times. Either most of the companies are being ran by some fly by guy who makes holsters on the side and supports his family with a 9-5 for another company, or the holster company is so greedy for maximum profits that they refuse to hire adequate help in order to provide their customer's products in a timely manner. Hopefully for the customer in most cases it is the latter reason because all of those great warranties will mean nothing when the hobbyist holster company decides to call it quits.

My call to the consumer? Don't wait. Don't settle. Demand a realistic timeline on receiving your product. Osborn Holsters has a maximum of 15 business day lead time, and 5 business days or even less in 95% of our orders! By the end of 2014 we will have a maximum lead time of 5 business days.

So, check out Contact us and speak to a real, friendly person, get a lifetime defects warranty, and best of all a mere 5 business day lead time!