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  • TacticalTuck and SuperMini in Natural Leather
  • TacticalTuck Drum Dyed Brown
  • TacticalTuck Drum Dyed Black
  • SuperMini Drum Dyed Brown
  • SuperMini Drum Dyed Black
  • TacticalTuck IWB
  • SuperMini
  • SuperMini IWB in the Appendix Position.
  • TacticalTuck shown IWB.
  • Designed to allow a shirt to be tucked in.
  • The Prayer is a free option for a limited time. It is meant to act as a blessing over you and your firearm and is not intended as a decoration to be easily seen.

2 Holster Combo TacticalTuck IWB & SuperMini Appendix

1.00 LBS
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* TacticalTuck Hand:
* TacticalTuck Firearm:
TacticalTuck Rail Mounted Laser & Light Options:
* SuperMini Hand:
* SuperMini Firearm:
SuperMini Rail Mounted Laser & Light Options:

Product Description

The Osborn Holsters TacticalTuck IWB leather and Kydex hybrid holster for Inside the Waistband concealed carry. The TacticalTuck was designed to be worn Inside the Waistband between the 2 o'clock and 4 o'clock position. (For right hand choice—mirror for left hand choice.) This allows for easy access to the firearm without limiting your range of motion, meaning you can bend, squat, and sit comfortably without your firearm getting in the way. Having 2 belt clips on the holster provides a more secure setup, and prevents the holster from "walking"—or moving to a different position—on your belt throughout the day. Our TacticalTuck is a unique take on the hybrid holster design. It is ergonomically shaped to fit the body and packed with upgrades, such as reinforced belt clip attachment locations and the ability to adjust your retention level. Finally, with the ability to wear the TacticalTuck even with a tucked-in shirt, it is easy to see why Osborn Holsters' TacticalTuck IWB is the perfect choice for so many informed concealed carriers.

The Osborn Holsters SuperMini Appendix leather and Kydex hybrid holster for Inside the Waistband concealed carry. The SuperMini is a minimalist holster designed for appendix carry, although it is comfortably carried by customers at all positions Inside the Waistband. The standard carry position for an appendix holster is just to the right of the belt buckle Inside the Waistband, allowing for easy access to the firearm when sitting. For this reason—and because our SuperMini Appendix IWB can be worn with a tucked-in shirt—many “desk job” professionals prefer this method of carry. A very minimalistic design is ideal for appendix CCW carry. Our trim design and custom cutting and molding process ensure that your holster is as small and unobtrusive as possible. Osborn Holsters' SuperMini is the perfect fit for Appendix IWB.


With all of our holsters you get:

  • Quality Products, Quick Delivery: Osborn Holsters creates high-quality products priced at a great value with an expected lead time of 5-10 business days.

  • Adjustable Retention: A Kydex cup mounted with rubber spacers allows you to choose the level of retention that’s right for you.

  • Adjustable Cant and Ride Height: Different locations for each clip on your holster allows you to customize your carry. Adjust to find the depth and cant configuration that’s right for you.

  • All Steel Black Oxide Hardware: We utilize high-quality clips that won’t wear out, and strong threads that won't easily strip out from over-tightening.

  • Custom-Molded Kydex: All of our holsters are handmade to fit the exact model of the firearm you carry. This ensures a perfect fit and ideal retention.

  • High-Quality, Comfortable Leather: Gun leather backing is cut to fit the exact model of your handgun.

  • Trim, Minimalist Design: There is no more—and no less—gun leather on your holster than what is needed to provide an unobtrusive, comfortable carry. Other companies advertise the ability to swap out Kydex shells, resulting in a CCW holster that is made to “kind of fit” multiple guns, but doesn't truly fit one gun. By contrast, our custom cutting and molding process ensures a perfect fit.

  • Tuckable Design: The tuckable design of an Osborn Holster allows you to tuck in your shirt, leaving just 2 inconspicuous black clips showing. One clip can easily be covered up with a belt-carry phone case.

  • Handcrafted in the USA from American-Made Materials: We may have Texas Pride, but we are even more proud to be an American company. Osborn Holsters provides jobs for Americans, and keeps your dollars right here in the American economy.


  • The Prayer: Free for a limited time. The prayer is meant as a blessing over you and your firearm, and it is completely optional. It is engraved directly onto the leather and will be partially covered by features of the holster. The prayer is not intended to be seen easily, but to act as a prayer that stays with you all day.





 Adjustable depth of carry



Adjustable cant  

Warranty Information


60 day money back guarantee with return of product in good condition, with all original paperwork and hardware. 10% penalty will be assessed for incomplete returns. Return payment can be expected within 30 days of return of product. Lifetime defects warranty. Shipping not refundable.

Replacement or repair is limited to Osborn Holsters discretion. Warranty does not extend to freight damages or misuse

Osborn Holster
414 W Franklin St
Waxahachie, TX 75165

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  1. Great Holsters! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Nov 2017

    Comfortable for all day use. Solid hard wear, very secure. Loctite should be considered by manufacturer, given the price I'd think they could put a little on each screw...

  2. The holster. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Oct 2017

    Both holsters fit perfectly my gun.
    I recommend this company to every gun enthusiast.
    Thank You.

  3. YES 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 18th Sep 2017

    Finally I found a company that makes a good holster that accommodates a tac. light for my pistol..........
    I am extremely satisfied and will be using Osborn holsters for all of my future needs.

  4. amazing holster! 4 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Sep 2017

    Great holster. Comfortable. Amazing price. Wearable all day long. Secure. Love the prayer. Only downside is loctite is a must.

  5. Good holster 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 3rd May 2017

    I have 3 holsters and love them and I have bought 2 for my boys. Thinking of buying another one soon.

  6. Great holster 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Apr 2017

    This is a great holster! Comfortable right out of the package.

  7. this holster set is really comfy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Mar 2017

    I love the quality and attention to detail they put into these holsters. Even in the first week it fits comfortably and I can't wait to feel it after everything is broken in. It was hard for me to find a reliable holster that could handle my full-size Sig with flashlight, but this holster distributes the weight evenly and comfortably. I will definitely be going in your direction for holsters for my other guns! Thank you Osborn Holsters!

  8. great holster 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Feb 2017

    Loved it from the beginning. Very comfortable and spreds the weight out nicely. It is barely noticable but just enough so i dont forget im carrying. The adjustablility is a great feature. I use the mini Apendix for a easily removable 5 o'clock position holster for road trips and i love it.

  9. Great service and comfortable holsters 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jan 2017

    Very comfortable and sturdy holsters. The break in period takes only a few days, but it's very quick and they feel like a dream. Plus, the customer service was very good at working with me to make sure my order got to me before I had to leave town. Great company, great product, there's definitely a reason why they are my go to holster company and I'd recommend them to anyone.

  10. great set up 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Nov 2016

    Great holster very comfortable would highly recommend

Showing reviews 1-10 of 21 | Next

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